You know how sometimes you get bored on like, a deeply personal level?

It’s the kind of thing that might lead to getting on Tinder and messing around, trying to find someone to connect with, less out of a need for love and more just out of a feeling that, hey, it’s something to do.

I think that the primary force behind the kinds of conversation screenshots that we see on this page today. It’s a beautiful thing, really, the need to feel good.

10. The Investigator

This is why you need to turn on two-factor authentication, folks.
Your personal info is way, way easier to find than you think it is.

How did you know I was a painter?! from Tinder

9. “I’ll Prolly Turn Gay”

Yup, that’s what generally does it. Being straight but having a slightly taller wife. That is how sexuality works.

What are the chances? from Tinder

8. What a Croc

The dynamic at play here is both mysterious and frightening.

Crocs are finally good for something from Tinder


I like how she resisted it for all of .2 seconds.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. from Tinder

6. Do the Math

I do not understand this but I’m sure smarter people do and that’s what matters.

I think I found the one from Tinder

5. A Quick Clarification

Thank goodness, at first I thought you were some kind of weirdo.

I can’t take compliments. from Tinder

4. Living and Learning

That was the last day of the rest of my life.

Matched with the first boy I ever kissed, I wasn’t sure if he would remember from Tinder

3. Mascot Theory

“We’re not supposed to tell people,” he said to probably the 7th stranger that day.

Perks of being my school’s mascot from Tinder

2. In the Hood

That is how you say olive you.

The pick up line with a 99% success rate from Tinder

1. Huh


Dammit Karen! from Tinder

To all those who seek love and feeling, I salute you. May you find success on your long, weird journey.

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