Are you looking for love? Most of us are. Have you found it yet? If so let me know cause I’m on the hunt as well and I’m pretty sure the only place I haven’t checked lately is under the couch.

In any case, there seem to be those who know how to find love just right, and that’s by crafting the perfect dating profile in a matching app.

It’s tough to capture that lightning in a bottle, but when you do, it’s likely that you’ll not only be inundated with messages, but that you’ll end up screenshotted and posted to Reddit, like these gems.

15. Get out of my swamp

Like an onion, this profile has layers.

Well that’s disappointing.
byu/thatwyvern inTinder

14. Dog days

He has sunglasses, I love him.

Lean into it.
byu/Frankie_Bike_Dog_HFX inTinder

13. Amen, aman

But seriously though this is a dating app.

She just kills it!
byu/mankodim inTinder

12. Don’t trash it

The perfect blend of messages to send.

Earth friendly
byu/itsmekeoni inTinder

11. The beneficiary

Hey it’s tough out there, we’ve got really bad public policies.

Friends with benefits
byu/ebeth15 inTinder

10. Surprise!

What a wild ride this profile is.

I swiped right
byu/guardianz inTinder

9. Spell it out

You’re gonna love all my bits.

Easily the most legendary bio I’ve come across.
by inTinder

8. Take a tip from me

The final hour approacheth.

I think I’m in love
byu/Mustatea-Ungureanu inTinder

7. Despite all my rage…

I have still got my gran in a cage.

Today I came across the best tinder profile
by inTinder

6. Sick burn

Honestly though, stay away.

One of the best Covid related lines I’ve seen so far!
byu/sareik inTinder

5. Hope and grace

There’s SO much going on here but the thing I can’t stop staring at is that this girl’s job is listed as TikToker.
That’s a common thing now, huh? I am old af.

byu/ludonope inTinder

4. Low key

No pressure, just make a decision right this second.

I swiped right, for the lols and your entertainment, now I’ve matched… awkward.
byu/Pickle82T inTinder

3. It’s in the stars

Babe it’s not my fault, you know I’m a vibra.

These photos one after the other made me laugh
byu/NeganTheVegan inTinder

2. For your health

She makes a great point.

She’s not wrong
byu/ojoaopestana inTinder

1. What a deal!

What’s it gonna take to seal this deal today?

She forgot the mileage
by inTinder

Best of luck matchmaking, you hopeless romantics!

What’s your best or worst experience with a dating app?

Tell us in the comments.