There are some truths you just can’t learn in a classroom, or from parental advice.

There are some truths that come to be felt in your bones – and they are gleaned from experience. Terrible, deep experience. Like working retail, for example.

There are some bits of wisdom that only those who have stood face to face with the customers can claim, and these tweets express them.

10. The solidarity phenomenon

Thank you for reassuring me that I’m not the crazy one here.

9. The empty shelf

I know not what is, I know only what has been.

8. Main character syndrome

The world literally does not revolve around you.

7. The expertise vortex

Only in America would one assume that a private business controls health outbreaks.

6. The mental health paradox

What we mean is that we don’t want you to complain anymore, not that we want to help.

5. The support-manteau

They’re the little Freudian moments we all let slip.

4. The Purge mentality

Come on, please? We could get so much more done.

3. The Spongebob case

“I can read, I just don’t want to acknowledge anything.”

2. The closed satisfaction

We do have limited hours, you know.

1. The reinforcements

It’s nice to have somebody with real power on your side.

Can’t deny a single one of those – deeper truths have yet to be found in any Holy book. Is that too far? I don’t think so. Retail is a purging experience.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had and why?

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