When Harry Nilsson wanted very much to tell us about his best friend, he did so through song, and he expressed his feelings thusly:

People, let me tell you ’bout my best friend
He’s a warm-hearted person who’ll love me to the end
People let me tell you ’bout my best friend
He’s a one-boy, cuddly toy
My up, my down, my pride and joy

I think we should probably bring back the use of “one-boy cuddle toy” as a general signal of affection, but I don’t know if we’ve all got time to write entire bouncy songs about our friends these days, so instead, we use stuff like these tweets.

Let’s take a look!

10. Coming through

Come on, ya still gotta let them eat cake.

9. Brain meld

We don’t even have to speak, but when we do, it’s magic.

8. Words of encouragement

You are the alpha. You are the omega. The one that is and is to come.

7. I dare you

Oh, things are about to get spicy in here.

6. Petty much right

Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.

5. Take a break

This is a totally healthy and normal approach to relationships, right guys?

4. Hour by hour

Wait, do you mean to tell me that people still have, like, phone calls?

3. Ex-cellent

No, sir. I am here to protect you from yourself. You’re coming with me.

2. We’re on the case

This mystery will be wrapped up quick.

1. Sole mates

We are together in victory and da feet.

A good friend tweet is worth a thousand songs.

How would you describe your best friend?

Give it a whirl in the comments.