You ever spend a lot of time with online dating apps? I like to reinstall mine every 6 months or so and then immediately delete them again. It’s a fun little tradition. I’m considering centering a new religion around it with holidays and stuff.

But some people are a bit more persistent than me, and as a result they come away with a lot of stories and screenshots from that particular world. Which, luckily, they share with the rest of us, in the form of these tweets.

10. Question everything

Come on, we all know where this is going.

9. That’ll do, pig

I’m in this photo and I don’t like it.

8. The Venn diagram

I’m more interested in what the heck that third tiny circle is.

7. The great filter

That would save a lot of unnecessary heartache and weird conversations.

6. What?

I’m under the impression that you probably can’t.

5. Oops!

Look, phone, I know very well what I’m doing.

4. Couched in terms

We’ve gone beyond any semblance of coherent humor or irony now.

3. I don’t make the rules

Tell your boyfriend / if he’s got beef…

2. Tell me a story

I need to binge the entire thing.

1. See appendix

Wow. Really didn’t see that coming but here we are.

And THAT, friends, is how you do the online dating thing. Kind of. I guess. I dunno, there are no rules just get out there and do what makes you happy.

Have you had any luck with various dating apps? Which ones were best?

Tell us your experiences in the comments.