If you’re looking for an excuse to waste a little bit of time today, look no further. You’ve found it.

All you gotta do is hang out with us and look at these tweets. And you ARE gonna do that, right? I mean, you’re cool, aren’t you? (Come on, don’t embarrass me, I told these tweets you were cool.)

Without any further ado, let’s not worry about what ado means and start wasting our time with some funny tweets.

10. What is the meaning of this?

I’d like to get a tattoo that says “What does your tattoo mean?” in Mandarin.

9. Respect

See I’d maybe just Google the question but that’s another way to do it.

8. We just figured it out

Further proof that we’re really just living in some kind of simulation.

7. Slow blinks

It’s very important bonding time and I’ll ask you to respect that.

6. What’s old is new again

Wait, is this seriously coming back around?

5. I’ve had it up to here

It’s hard way down here, you wouldn’t understand.


4. A masterpiece

That chonk is a model for the ages.


3. The silent treatment

Hey, she’s got a point.


2. I’m no superman

Sorry, I’m not a teenager anymore, I no longer have your powers.


1. Vibes over everything

I’m picking up good vibrations and that’s it.


Mission accomplished: we definitely wasted a good amount of time and I for one have no regrets about it.

What’s your favorite way to kill a few hours?

Tell us about it in the comments.