We’ve all been there. You’re scrolling around through the internet and you just stop, because the thing you’ve seen rings true. Almost too true. Almost frighteningly true. But in a funny kind of way.

That’s how these tweets might just strike you. They are works of art. Testaments to the relatability of common thought. They are our heritage, and we are here for them.

Enjoy the revealed truths in these tweets.

10. The produce shower

I wanna sit around and be misted all day as people stare at me admiringly.


9. The coffee connoisseur

When I worked at a coffee shop, I didn’t actually drink coffee. I was absolutely useless with these questions.

8. Love Karen

Deep down, with each email we send, we are all demanding love.

7. Airport speed

You’d think we might have designed something more functional than this by now, but no.

6. The big red dog

Just stepping out into the world like everything’s fine.

5. The pen prompt

I feel like my generation has replaced this with “could you text that to me?”

4. The book report

Ah yes, I too love [name of television show.]

3. The lice revenge

We’ve all felt this, it’s just that none of us had found the words before now.

2. No bones about it

I’m gonna guess you were in Portland, maybe.

1. Adding to the pile

And behind that pile, another.

Now there is some truth we can all agree on.

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