Do you need a little food for thought? Something delicious and tangy? An intellectual fourth meal, if you will?

Well look no further. Pull out your napkin and put it on your head, or whatever one does when they’re about to consume thought food, because we’ve got some tweets to feast on that will leave you comfort-burping for a week.

Ready? Bon appetit.

10. Bug out

I need to know what kind too, that’s going to determine the amount of screaming.

9. Pride and joy

They a little mixed up but they got the spirit.

8. Warning signs

Yeah that’s a test that I think 99.99% of us will be found to have failed miserably.

7. Private time

This has big “dad is about to get unreasonably mad at you for relaxing” vibes.

6. A little snack

I don’t know why but that suddenly makes this gross.

5. The transitive properties

I invite all nerds in the comments to exhaustively explain why this is incorrect.

4. WAH!

This is terrible, we’re all going to a very bad place for this.

3. Listen up

One of the best uses of exposition/foreshadowing in a movie ever.

2. Zooming out

*Psycho noise intensifies*

1. Theological debates

That kid is gonna hit me with the cosmological argument and I’mma smack back with the problem of evil.

Is your brain full yet? With delicious Twitter mind food? We probably should have mentioned that it’s mostly empty calories, but we won’t tell if you don’t tell.

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