I consider myself a pretty open-minded guy. And yet, there are trends of things that people consider to be “hot” that make me stop and reevaluate my membership in the human species.

Turns out I’m not alone in that. There are plenty of folks on Reddit for which the conventional is a huge turn-off.

What is something a lot of people find attractive that is actually a turn off for you?
by inAskReddit

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?

1. That guy from the quad

Dudes who always play their acoustic guitar and sing.

Once in a while is fine but not all the time.

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.

– jkw91

2. Big dumb machismo

On my first date with my now boyfriend, we were in a drive through to get drinks and these crackheads in front of us got out and started yelling saying we were staring at them (we weren’t) and instead of getting all aggressive back, my bf calmly told them to just get back in their car and completely de-escalated the situation.

I told him months later that the situation was something that made me like him even more, and really showed his character.

He was shocked, he thought I would’ve wanted him to fight them or something, but he doesn’t like to fight unless it’s totally necessary.

– KingLime26

3. Rich-bragging

When guys show how much money they have- expensive cars, clothes, jewelry, carrying a lot of cash, hustle culture.

I just don’t like people who are so obsessed with wealth and money and showing it off.

– ashteatime

4. That certain kind of “outspoken”

Men or women who use the line “I’m not afraid to speak my mind,” or “I’m opinionated.”

You’re not a bold confident person…you’re an a**hole.

Plenty of stuff I don’t say in my head because it’s inappropriate or mean.

– NaughtyFox360

5. Bad boys

The “bad boy” thing. I don’t get it.

Why do people think a troublemaker is sexy?

It somehow ties into the social media love for felons, which is also gross.

– Detronyx

6. Lip injections

Somehow it makes them look like Homer Simpson.

Does more above the upper lip than making actual fuller lips.

– czeka17

7. Being in the military

I truly appreciate the service but I’m not someone who could handle the stress of being away from my partner for significant amounts of time, constantly.

– ja_millionaire

8. Playing hard to get

If I have to work that hard to get you, you are either not interested enough, being deliberately awkward, or you like to control people.

– Scallywagstv2

9. Thick fake eyelashes

If the fake lashes looks natural or a little enhanced, that’s fine, but women seem to be taking it to an extreme level now with these super thick long lashes that are very obviously not real and IMO take away from the person’s face.

– ArtsySAHM

10. Super muscular men

don’t get me wrong, muscle definition when they are unintentionally flexing is super hot.

But abs are just a no from me, i would rather he have a bit of padding, guys that have a bit of chub will always get my number before a bodybuilder does

– No-Illustrator-6462

11. Implants in general

Breast, butt, lip, cheek, chin, pec, bicep, calf … anything that has been “improved”. I’d prefer a half handful to five handfuls of man-made any day of the week.

I know it’s the artificiality that turns me off, but I also suspect that it’s the superficial/fickle mindset behind the person as well.

*The reason I suspect that this is the case is because I have no problem being attracted to people who have had surgery to replace what they have lost due to illness or accident.

It’s a very difficult thing to explain logically.

– Teflonicus

12. Baby talk

My brother still lives at home, and his partner is over quite frequently.

They ONLY talk in the baby voice.

Nothing in the world gets me more p**sed off than having to listen to 2 grown adults baby talk and giggle and make exaggerated kissy noises for hours, especially when I’m trying to sleep.

– mhnbwr

13. Always showing off wealth

I don’t have a problem with what people spend their money on, if designer things make them happy then have at it. And there does come a certain point where you can’t hide wealth, whether that’s cars, homes, travel, most people’s lifestyle changes the more they earn.

My problem is when people don’t stay humble and they think wealth makes them better than someone else. It doesn’t.

– _Justag1rl_

14. Possessiveness

Oh I’m sorry your relationship is so f**king fragile and your partner is so f**king over you that a polite chat is somehow a threat upon your very person.

Gtfo of here, what are you doing with your life.

This behavior is literally only acceptable if someone is stalking your partner and the police are being incompetent – even the get your f**king partners permission first because stalkers can be dangerous esp if confronted.

– Apidium

15. Muppet lashes

Most fascinating thing. I was mocked in school for having extremely long, thick lashes, spider-eye they would call me.

Now they’re running to salons trying to get that very thing done for a lot of money.

I once had a dude in a club try to rip off my “fake” lashes, he was so p**sed at “fake everything”, he felt he needed to “teach me a lesson”.

He made my lid pop off my eye socket with an audible smack.

– b**chachayerbatera

Well that’s all interesting and…horrifying.

What’s a big turn off for you?

Tell us in the comments.