Life is full of problems both big and small, and it’s hard to know where to turn for answers.

Some find comfort in the wisdom of their family elders. Others seek the light of religion. Still others devote themselves to tireless philosophy, psychology, or a meditative state of transcendence.

But if you want to stop playing around and actually find the answers you seek, you don’t need to look any further than Twitter. Here are some thoughts on a few different subjects, via that all-important social network.

10. Parking tickets

All you gotta do is act a little crazy and people stop wanting to deal with you.

9. Emails

Just throw your computer in a river, then go live in the woods.

8. Writer’s block

There’s no idea so bad that it might not potentially become iconic.

7. Bullying

Give them what they want and suddenly they’ll sing a different tune.

6. Healthcare

Brenda I dare you to tell me what’s in those stupid supplements you’re always hawking.

5. Societal corruption

This handy chart should answer everything!

4. Downtime

When it’s for me, it’s great, when it’s for you, you’re lazy.

3. Fashion

Don’t let anyone put out your bright spark.

2. Pet care

If it’s not absolutely full, it’s empty.

1. Alternative medicine

There might be something slightly fishy going on here.

There now. Solutions to all of your problems. Or at least helpful thoughts on them? Maybe? Ok, mostly just time-wasting tweets but that’s fun too.

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