Are you ready to think deep thoughts? Clear your mind. Find some space. Maybe delete some unimportant stuff like family birthdays and what your cat looks like, because we need to make way for a whole new mental mess.

If you’re looking for deep thoughts, there’s no better place to start than Twitter, the home of depth and nuance that no other platform can come close to.

Here are a few things that these tweets inspired me to think about more deeply.

10. The nature of sleep

Perhaps in a few generations, evolution will do this for us.

9. Anatomical nomenclature

They’re yours, you call them whatever you’d like.

8. The nature of joy

It’s not about getting what you want, it’s about finding satisfaction in what you have.

7. The emptiness of space

What is the big void hiding from us?

6. The nature of aging

She probably figured back then that you were too young to retain it.

5. Self caring, self scaring

That’s what my brain does to me all the time, it’s called anxiety.

4. Identity

It is important to know thyself.

3. Chaos and order

Enter there only those ready to lose all sanity.

2. Procrastination

Even the laptop would rather be in sleep mode.

1. Pain and pleasure

A sort of literary masochism, if you will.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go register some domain names and stuff so I can use Literary Masochism as my new band name.

What’s a deep or not so deep thought that you’ve had lately?

Enlighten us with it in the comments.