In the fateful year of 2020, so many of us suddenly found ourselves working from home. And once that started to get a little less mandatory, and calls to get back to the office resumed, a good lot of us kind of looked and each other and said “…why bother?”

After all, if your job can be accomplished sitting at a computer, and you’ve got a computer at your house, why should you have to add 2+ hours to your work day commuting and grooming and such?

For a lot of folks, it seems, wfh is here to stay, and as these tweets illustrate, we’ve got some mixed feelings about that.

10. In the hood

Business casual has a whole new meaning these days.

9. Shower power

This is now reserved for special occasions and that’s very liberating.

8. The big difference

Make this whole office building my house and then we’ll talk.

7. Fancy pants

Fancy pants are just any kind of pants.

6. No alarms

And no surprises, please.

5. Sleep sweet

Shhh. They’ll never catch on.

4. The stages

It do be like that sometimes.

3. The hustle

In the lo-cal calzone zone.

2. Pour yourself a drink

Nobody’s gonna know but you, after all.

1. Business and such

Hide that pain, Harold. Hide it deep, deep down.

Now you should probably get back to actually working from home instead of reading these tweets.

What’s your job like? Does it work if you do it from home or not so much?

Tell us in the comments. We won’t tell your boss.