In the last couple years, a lot of us have gotten used to working from home for the first time, while for others it’s been, well, just another day at the office, so to speak.

But whether you’re still getting used to the idea or it’s old hat to you, there’s no denying that doing your job from the place that you live has plenty of baggage and quirks that comes along with it.

These memes know what we’re talking about.

15. I want to play a game

Ah yes, business as usual.

14. World’s best doggo

I’m heckin’ cute either way, though.

13. That’s a bingo!

The game that nobody wants to play and even fewer want to win.

12. The waiting is the hardest part

Oh sorry I was um…in a tunnel. At my house. A house tunnel.

11. The daily grind

Beats having to commute for 40 minutes, doesn’t it?

10. Sick is still sick

Just because I’m not there doesn’t mean I want to get out of bed.

9. Live on camera

It’s just one or two pre-coffee drinks.

8. Like a boss

Sure, let me just go buy a hat real quick.

7. Wine about it

It’s always the right choice. The only choice, really.

6. Freedom isn’t free

Please don’t tell anyone how I live.

5. Nap dog / lap dog

Listen he’s been with the company a long time now, I’m sure he can handle it.

4. Spot the difference

I’m equally unqualified in either situation.

3. Pants free zone

This is true freedom and I will never relinquish it.

2. It’s me

Look, I showed up, what more do you want?

1. Checking in

Yes, very busy. Thanks for asking.

Ok, now, get back to work.

What’s your job like?

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