What is college? Well, for American Millennials it’s that place we all went after listening to everyone tell us we had to for the first 18 years of our life just so we could subsequently take on a lot of debt while going to parties and never financially recover.

But hypothetically it’s all about, I don’t know, learning? Books? I think books are supposed to be involved. It’s hard to say. Maybe if we spend some time studying these tweets I’ll have a better idea of the concept behind college, though I should be real with you: studying was never my forte. I went to college, you see.

10. Bullet points

Yo, you’re supposed to be PROfessing not DEpressing.

9. So very done

This is a classic. A true original. An underappreciated masterpiece.

8. Teachers b like

Is there some kind of system where we could like – spread the huge assignments out instead of lumping them all together at once?

7. The waiting is the hardest part

If you want something done around here, you gotta do it yourself.
Not me, though.

6. What did you get?

That’s a real time image of me.

5. Study up

Or else we’re gonna have words.

4. On the docs

Here we are, barely existing in the nethersphere.

3. Best thing ever

Semicolons really aren’t complicated; you can use them to separate complete thoughts without ending your sentence.

2. Bail out

The heart knows what it wants.

1. It’s a judgement-free zone

This one is from Tumblr, not Twitter, but it was too true not to include.


Now that we’re educated on education, maybe we can finally get out there and all get jobs.

What was your college experience like?

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