Alright, we gotta get right to the point here, because this is gonna be a lot of cringe and frankly I’m not sure if you, or I, am equipped to handle it all.

It starts with Twitter user @itsPKav sharing this gem of a mansplaining moment and prompting others to join in with their own:

And then…oh boy.

Here are just a few of the topics women have had mansplained to them. Buckle up.

15. Paint

Literally just…paint.

14. Chocolate

I had to google this to know what it even was.

13. Plants

Holy crap dude, thanks. I didn’t know that because I’m not in kindergarten yet.

12. Books

Just thinking about writing that many makes me tired.

11. Epilepsy

Yeah pretty sure seizures have been studied for a while now, but thanks.

10. Language

“Well but you just drew a picture of a bird though.”

9. Childbirth

I went through this and can confirm that it doesn’t hurt in the slightest other than the occasional blow to your pride as it cracks.

8. PAINT (again!)

What the heck is with all these dudes being so protective of paint?

7. Medicine

Pretty sure you could.

6. Guitar tuning

“Oh thanks, I just found this on the street.”

5. Cooking

I have a feeling that pan got thrown.

4. Your own children

Well done, dummy.

3. Pumping gas

To be fair, it’s possible he’d actually come across multiple idiots who really did not know how to do this.

2. Food allergies

Why even argue? Just get the friggin’ pen.

1. Bartending

That tends to happen.

Cut it out with the mansplaining, guys. We can do better.

Have you ever had something like this happen?

Tell us about it in the comments.