Tinder is a place where we all play a very strange little game. The rules have never been officially laid out – it’s the kind of game you learn to play on experience, instinct, and social conditioning.

But when do we win? How often does anyone? And what’s the offense/defense relationship here?

It’s a lot to map out, which is why instead of writing a lengthy thesis on those dynamics like I was going to, I’m instead just going to laugh at these funny Tinder conversations.

10. The Baker’s Dozen

I guess one out of like ten thousand times this is gonna happen, huh?

Psychic powers
byu/TeleVegangelist inTinder

9. Pass the Cheese

It took me a second, but I like it.

Definition of perfection? I think yes.
byu/Willie296 inTinder

8. Take Me Out Tonight

I don’t wanna not go out tonight.

Simon says…
byu/maditob inTinder

7. Machine Learning

You did it. I don’t know how, but you did it.

Am I doing this right?
byu/JohnConnor27 inTinder

6. The Formula

We all know how this is supposed to go.

I think I’m getting the hand of this now
byu/grand-autismo_ inTinder

5. Who Watches the Watchers

Yeah, that’s the difference in perception when a woman says that vs a man.

Love finding girls that share the same hobbies
byu/cameronarchambault inTinder

4. Cery Serious

Pain is the soul of wit.

I’m impressed how quickly I came up with this response
byu/gavin92 inTinder

3. Turning Points

Dang, way to go.

An eye for an eye, I guess.
byu/TheAssAge inTinder

2. Cat Got Your Tongue?

The heart wants what it wants.

[deleted by user]
by inTinder

1. Bad to the Bone

Trust me, when you’re with me, you won’t know the definition of good.

Honesty is the best policy right?
byu/Kellenjk inTinder

A strange game. The only way to win appears to be not to play. Or just to go meet somebody in real life. But that sounds HARD. And like it would require PANTS.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

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