Listen. You’re turning into your parents. Or your aunts/uncles. You’re turning into the old farts you grew up with. And that’s ok. It’s inevitable. We need to learn to face it, like with tweets such as these:

This evolution is natural. Beautiful in a way. Let’s examine it with grace and dignity, two things that Twitter is definitely known for.

10. Freaking out about power consumption

I can’t tell you how eye opening it was to realize that the stuff my dad would freak out about like it was gonna bankrupt him was probably a difference of like $10/month.

9. The folded stare

All you gotta do is let yourself drift into another dimension.

8. The hips don’t lie

They are truth and they are here to support you, literally.

7. Being the drunk one

This is a little bit me, though not really in front of the kids.

6. Obtaining the gold standard

You deserve it, you’ve made it this far.

5. Become the tool man

What if I suddenly know how to build a deck and subsequently feel like building a deck?

4. Nap time

Can you BELIEVE we used to fight AGAINST this?

3. The warm up technique

It’s the little things you learn to master.

2. Quiet time

It’s all the time, baby.

1. Making the list

That’s it, that’s what getting older is in a nutshell.
That and suddenly getting interested in crime stories.

Don’t fight it. Just become what you’ve always been on the inside.

How are you turning into your elders?

Tell us in the comments.