Being in my 30’s and having literally just spent a weekend with two of my little nieces, I can confirm that this tweet really hits home:

The first answer that comes to mind for me is inevitably ending up lying on the floor at family gatherings, way too tired to keep up with the little ones, and trying to turn that into some kind of game so I can continue to spend time with them without expending a bunch of energy.

But others on Twitter had more dreadfully relatable insights about becoming “that person.”

10. Hating modern music

For real though, isn’t the whole thing with rap supposed to be getting all devastatingly clever with the rhymes and the speed?

9. Becoming an unpaid babysitter

You just never know when the world may need you.

8. The stance

It’s the one we all know and will all fall prey to.

7. If you can’t take the heat…

Ironically, spend more time in the kitchen.

6. Getting all caught up in the marriage drama

Oh I KNOW that you did NOT just go and do that.

5. Planting makes perfect

At least I can prove that I’m able to nurture SOMETHING around here.

4. The knee maneuver

Oh, it’s definitely gotta be aggressive.

3. Actual radio listeners

There are dozens of us. Dozens!

2. Becoming money santa

What’s cool is handing a kid a dollar when they’re still young enough to think that’s worth something.

1. Early to bed, late to rise

Makes me happy but not wealthy or wise.

To getting old!

Have you noticed anything like this in yourself?

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