What is life except a series of milestones?

School graduations, birthdays, dates, weddings, jobs, retirement.

But there are a lot of other milestones that may be cause for celebration or remembrance even if we don’t typically put a lot of emphasis on them.

That’s where Twitter comes in. Because Twitter is all about documenting the banal, the small, the little moments.

Little moments that we will now celebrate, in our own little ways.

10. The Moment You Give Up and Laugh

Because the world is a massive dumpster fire and that’s kind of funny if you think about it.

9. When You Stop Rebuying

But, but, you’ll miss out on the camera that’s better in ways so small you’d never actually notice it!

8. The First Baby

That’s not super duper how evolution works, but still, yeah.


7. Getting Money

Turns out, it’s the milestone that really changes everything.


6. The Bed Touch

Beyond this border there be no socialization.

5. The Text Threshold

It’s a simple test, learn to apply it.

4. The Formative Phrase

Turns out none of us have much nice to say at all.


3. Breakfast

And its dark cousin, night breakfast.

2. The Late Night Talk

There’s no comfort here, just comforting words.


1. The Moment of Masterpiece

Truly an instant to be celebrated throughout the ages.


There are plenty of little things in life worth celebrating if you’re just willing to look hard enough.

What have you wanted to celebrate recently? Anything at all – big or small. We’re all about it here.

Tell us in the comments.