Does the state of the world make your heart hurt a little? Or a lottle? Nevermind all that. Come in from the cold (or the hot?) and have some nice, warm (cool?) chicken soup for your soul.

Not talking about actual chicken soup, of course. Nor even that famous book whose title I just ripped off. I’m talking about memes. The wholesome kind of memes. The memes that put the “whole” in “wholesome” and also in your whole heart. The kind of memes that have special reparative properties that help us all get to where we need to be and escape the general cynicism of the internet for a little while.

Without further ado, let’s get to the cute. Let’s get to the memes.

10. The bite

You think I don’t know your plans, but I saw you coming a mile away.

9. The Book Fair

All is fair in love and books.

8. The bald truth

At the very least let me warm you up here.

7. Road tunes

She’s probably lying but it doesn’t matter.

6. Looking up to you

In my mind my mom is still taller than me, even though that hasn’t been true in decades.

5. Playing dead

I love games like this one because it gives me an excuse to lie down.

4. Self portraits

He is here. As the prophecy  foretold.

3. Go for it

I am here for you even though I’m literally not here.

2. My cool dad

Does that dog even understand the following he has?

1. My treasure

The greatest of all.

MMhmm, that’s the good stuff.

What’s something wholesome that’s happened for you lately?

Tell us in the comments.