There are all kinds of super cute “how we met” stories out there, but some are just a little bit weirder than others. Like this tale from Twitter user @Coll3dnG, or rather, from her grandma.

I guess you could say she was “dead” serious about it?

But wait till you hear some of the other stories that came in the replies.

10. Run away with me

Why this could be a whole miniseries.

9. In loving memory

Wow, that’s quite the legacy to carry with you.

8. Take a seat

Hey, whatever works.

7. Square dance times!


6. A sordid affair

…and they lived happily ever after?

5. In the rain

It’s a shame they couldn’t leave you any vowels in their will.

4. One night stand

I aspire to this level of devil-may-care.

3. All in the family

Wait, what?

2. Oh, baby

I think this is the plot to a Doctor Who episode if I remember correctly.

1. Uni united

Like a siren song.

There are stories everywhere, you just have to ask for them!

Do you know any good real-life meeting stories?

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