There’s something very convenient about the ability to text each other, whether it’s via SMS or a dating app or any other kind of thing.

There’s also something undeniably brutal about it. Like, it gets intense. Especially when any kind of romance is involved.

When speaking to each other face to face, most would be tempted to be tactful, to let each other down easy, to wear kid gloves, as it were.

But in the strangely intimate impersonality of the text netherspace? All bets are off. Here are some screenshots to prove it.

11. Idk

Dude she’s just not that into you.

10. Homework

Don’t hold the homework hostage like this, I’m not here to play games.

9. Ten drinks deep

These are what we call “inside thoughts.”

8. I see

Hey man, on the plus side, you get to hang out with a dog.

7. Lazy nights

That’s…that’s not where I thought this was going.

6. Oh, Drew

What’s your hit rate with this particular strategy, would you say?

5. Late night drives

Y’all are getting played so hard I can hear a full-on concerto.

4. Submission

Well, that’s one way to send a clear message right out of the gate.

3. That’s snow joke

We can talk about dogs all day, but don’t try to change the subject.

2. The screenshot

This does not bode well for you, friend.

1. Stop the spread

What fun new excuses we all have now.

I need to go like, take a nap after that. Absolutely brutal.

What’s a brutal rejection you’ve experienced?

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