It’s hard to let go of an ex. Our minds tend to replay so many situations together. The one that tends to come back the most is the last time you saw them. The time that ended it.

Here, eleven real people share their stories about the last date they had with someone, and why it’s stuck in their minds.

11. Careful what you say

It can be quite shocking to realize the person you’ve been getting closer to is hiding something gross.

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10. Date night

Sounds like he just didn’t want to be in the relationship and was looking for an excuse.

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9. Not happily ever after

These are the moments when you really come to a realization.

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8. Future-proof

You know what they say: location, location, location.

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7. One last trip

At least he waited to tell you about it in person, I guess?

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6. On a roll

Who in their right mind would want that much sushi?

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5. Splashing cash

Break up with him right now, ya gold digger.

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4. Ghosting

We may never know. Maybe he doesn’t even know.

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3. Nothing to see here

Well. Whoops.

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2. Save the date

Sorry, I had to read this a couple times to even understand it.

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1. A lust for love

Probably a good call.

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Relationships are tough, but we can survive them. Keep on keepin’ on out there!

Do you have a memorable last date?

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