When it comes to fooling around, there’s something that makes me feel sort of extra naughty and exciting when you know that people are right nearby.

Of course, that sort of thing isn’t ALWAYS fun. Sometimes it’s down-right nerve-wracking, but you just want each other so bad that you can’t help yourselves.

Either way, it makes for quite a story once you’re in the clear. Those are the kinds of tales being told in these real, anonymously submitted confessions for your reading pleasure.

11. My man

What are you former kids up to in there?

Image Credit: Whisper

10. On the right side

You think you’re so sneaky but it’s all plain as day.

Image Credit: Whisper

9. That bites

You know it’s good when you gotta really fight to calm yourself down.

Image Credit: Whisper

8. It shows

Well, so much for nobody knowing about it.

Image Credit: Whisper

7. A gift for you

I guess she realized there was no use pretending anymore.

Image Credit: Whisper

6. It’s a touchdown!

Well I guess you were really only concerned with one particular score.

Image Credit: Whisper

5. All wet

That sounds um…difficult?

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4. Wing-woman

Don’t wanna scar the poor kid, after all.

Image Credit: Whisper

3. Shower power

How do you keep that sort of thing a secret?

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2. Too much pressure

Best to just let these things go.

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1. Copycat

Oh, great.

Image Credit: Whisper

Some of these situations sound downright terrifying. No thank you please, I’ll stick to privacy.

Have you had an experience like this?

Tell us about it if you dare in the comments.