They’re comfortable, they’re easy, so why are people against yoga pants at all?

As it turns out, the people have spoken that they are trashy, they do not hold up in the washer, and they are actually a health concern.

It’s times like these when we reevaluate: should our yoga pants remain in the gym? Let’s see what real people had to say about it anonymously.

11. What is my purpose?

One of these days they’ll get there.

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10. Crossing the line

Sounds like a first world problem but OK.

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9. A leg up

Tell us how you really feel.

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8. What a waist

Plenty cute indeed.

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7. No butts about it

We all have our cross to bear.

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6. Haters gonna hate

What if we have no strong feelings either way?

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5. The male gaze

Fair enough.

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4. It’s a match

Will jeans ever go out?

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3. The long and short of it

You do you.

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2. Exercise your rights

Some of us are lazy, ok?

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1. A long story

Guess it just doesn’t stretch quite far enough.

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Personally, I don’t go in much for yoga pants, but my sweatpants collection has become immense and quite cultured, especially in the last year. I’m sort of a lounge wear expert now. Nbd.

What are your feelings on yoga pants? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Don’t care? If the last thing, why’d you click on this link?

Tell us all about it in the comments.