A huge number of us have worked a restaurant job at some point in our lives, maybe for a little while, maybe for years or even decades.

There’s a good reason for that – people love restaurants. We literally have to eat, and we want to do it in a fun and easy way if we can afford to. So we interact with cooks and servers and hosts and cashiers and bussers and the like all the time – but don’t you wonder what they might not be telling you?

Here are 11 real confessions from hosts.

11. Fit it in

I guess I’ll know what to look out for now.

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10. The fantasy

Hey, gotta keep your mind occupied at work somehow.

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9. Spin around

You have no idea what you’re messing with behind the scenes.

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8. Show off

See, you’re gonna mess with my mind with this one.

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7. Lame jokes

If you’re here, you’re basic.

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6. There’s a reason

Trust me, I know this place slightly better than you do.

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5. Standard greeting

Ok but to be fair, you don’t actually want to know how they are, right?

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4. So cheap

The pay system we have for these jobs is just insane.

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3. A toss up

How do you even throw cash, really? Doesn’t it just float down in front of you?

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2. Go off

Turns out your problem meant nothing, even to you.

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1. Sit down

Yeah don’t mind me, I’m just standing here at the entrance for fun.

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Pretty incredible how dense some people can be.

Do you have job confessions you want to get off your chest?

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