Sex is a pretty important part of relationships for most people – especially if you’re younger. But even with two ready and willing participants, it’s not always so easy.

Our bodies can get in the way of our own fun and fulfillment, and there are few instances of that considered more taboo or embarrassing than erectile dysfunction.

What happens when one partner, for whatever reason, just physically can’t get going? Here are some perspectives about it submitted anonymously.

10. “Doing something wrong.”

It’s gotta be hard to not interpret it that way.

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9. “Don’t want to hurt his feelings.”

It’s a tough thing to navigate.

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8. “The man of my dreams…”

He’s gotta feel like you’re just trying to spare his feelings.

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7. “His biggest fear.”

When people go unfulfilled, the temptation grows.

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6. “I don’t want to reconcile.”

But what reason have you given him?

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5. “Less of a woman.”

A powerful feeling.

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4. “Even if he could…”

Well then there’s something deeper going on in this particular case.

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3. “He never lets me forget it.”

That’s a lot of yikes over here.

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2. “It’s so disappointing.”

Incredible how powerful a force sex can be in our lives.

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1. “I saved my virginity.”

This right here? This is why I think saving for marriage is a bad idea.

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It can’t be a fun situation for anybody involved. Stupid bodies, ruining everything for all of us.

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