We’ve all been there. You’re looking for something specific on Amazon and you click some related recommendation and then pretty soon you find yourself down a rabbit hole of niche products that you just can’t believe actually exist.

Well, if you want all of that forever, look no further than Reddit, which loves to collect such things for the further bafflement of humankind.

And now we’re going to look at some together. We’ll get through this. Don’t you worry.

11. The Inflatable Beach Coffin

If you just had the case or the lid, you’d think “Oh, a little boat!” or “Oh, a little raft!”
But put them together and…

Inflatable coffin
byu/awilo123 inofcoursethatsathing

10. Soup Stock Vending Machine

For when you’re on the go but you could really use a bottle of broth.

This soup stock vending machine in Japan
by inofcoursethatsathing

9. A Third Eye Camera

You dang kids and your dang phones mumblegrumble.

Third Eye Camera for those who walk with their phones.
byu/Janboi3 innextfuckinglevel

8. A Stationary Plane

I mean, the interior of that plane alone is significantly larger than my apartment, so.

Having a jet at your house for decoration only.
byu/SinceWayBack1997 inofcoursethatsathing

7. Mom’s Spaghetti

As made famous by Eminem (ft. Mom).

Mom’s Spaghetti
byu/tyrannized inofcoursethatsathing

6. Very Specific Chinese Book

It won’t help but it WILL let pickpockets know you’re a tourist.

Basic Chinese book specifically for the 2008 Olympics
byu/Havarstence inofcoursethatsathing

5. A Burrito Holder

You’re payin’ way too much for burrito holders.
Who’s your burrito holder guy?

A burrito holder that cost $40.
byu/DR-orgasmo inofcoursethatsathing

4. Golf Vents

Kinda neat, kinda energy inefficient?

Turn your house into a mini golf course with these fun vent covers.
byu/BalinAmmitai inofcoursethatsathing

3. Pokemon PETA Stuff

I guess this is a…joke?

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2. Mainland Scotland (Just Off the Mainland)

Not exactly an invention, but whomever named this place just wanted to initiate an endless game of Who’s On First.

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1. Rooster Hulk Hands

You’re not gonna like me when I’m bawk-bacca.

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Well, that’s enough of that forever.

Would you buy any of these? Why or why not?

Tell us in the comments.