Get ready for some takes that might be just a little too hot to handle.

They say that if you can’t take the heat, you gotta get out of the kitchen, and that if you can’t take the heat from hot food takes, then you REALLY should leave, because all the food is here in the kitchen with us and it might hear you and get mad. That’s what they say. That’s what they all say.

So I hope you appreciate the kind of jeopardy I’m putting myself in by bringing you all these food takes from Twitter.

Let’s get ready to… snack?

Yeah, let’s do that!

10. Tomato Slices

Kinda depends on the sandwich to me. Like a turkey sandwich? Nah. But a burger? Sure.

9. Artichokes

Arti-choke on your lies!

8. Red Velvet Cake

Maybe that’s why they named it after a bunch of fabric.

7. Grandma Cooking

Statistically I guess this kind of has to be true.

6. Hot Sauce

Who needs flavor when you can prove your masculinity through feats of pointless suffering?

5. Chocolate

Well, somebody is in a sour mood.

4. Fish

Just all of it. All the fishes.

3. Food Timing

The thing is, this is probably true, but once you’ve spent decades conditioning your brain, food DOES start to taste wrong at different times.

2. Diets

Most of them are far more complicated than necessary.

1. Cheese

I want this person found. I just want to talk.

Man I need to go step into the walk-in to get away from all this HEAT.

What’s your hottest food opinion?

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