Are you feeling a little overworked? Or a lot overworked?

Do you think maybe work is just about the only thing you ever do?

Well then you made the right choice by stopping work for a moment to click on this list of memes ABOUT work instead.

We’re all doing great.

11. Become a carpenter

Wood that I could go back.

10. Full report

We thought maybe we’d come up with a time saver.
As is turns out…

9. It’s me

There’s no higher power to appeal to. I am God here.

8. Totally random

I’m cool with pretty much everything else though I may need a couch in the break room.

7. This cool thing

Nothing like punishing competence.

6. The shift

You can’t even begin to understand my powers.

5. Classy time

How did Leo end up in literally every meme in the world?

4. Short staffed

And as a result I’m pretty short tempered.

3. Min / max equations

Weird how we don’t deserve a living wage until we stop doing the job.

2. Working class

To be fair, in the age of the internet you really don’t need to own a million books.

1. That doesn’t scan

They’ve heard this joke. Just stop it.

It may not be easy, but you’re still out there killin’ it.

What ONE THING do you think your workplace could change to make everything way better?

Tell us in the comments.