Do you have homework to do right now? Like, literally or metaphorically?

Maybe you’ve got a math assignment from a class. Maybe you’re supposed to prep for a meeting at work tomorrow.

In any case, there are almost certainly things that are higher on your list of responsibilities than what you’re doing right now, which is looking at this meme list.

Nevertheless, here you are, and you’ve made the right choice. Because life’s little nags will be there always. What’s important is that you take the time for yourself to really enjoy the stupid things. The meme things. The these things.

11. Step by step

The internet has forever ruined all of us.

10. Well suited

That should be very reassuring to our astronaut friends.

9. Wallace time

It’s very important to know the difference.

8. I feel you

From worlds apart, we are connected.

7. Front-facing Phineas

The movie monster no studio will touch.

6. Square up

I’m laughing till the end then I’m dying.

5. Florida man

Why and how does anybody even live there.

4. What a twist!

I like how they spelled enough here.

3. The usual suspects


2. Copy that

Come on, you know you all do it.

1. Pure gold

Never have my eyes beheld such a thing.

Ok, you should probably actually get back to your homework now.

What’s your go-to time waster?

Tell us in the comments.