Guys have weird bathrooms. I already knew this, as a dude who’s done my share of odd bathrooming, but I didn’t know it as hard as I know it now that I’ve scrolled through this tweet thread.

The horrors and oddities you will find here can never be unseen, so be warned. Be they from a house, apartment, dorm, school, or just a plain ol’ public men’s room, the things shown and described here defy all reason and are sure to leave you changed forever… to some degree.

But if you’re curious still, scroll on. And see what Twitter hath for thee.

11. The combo

For those keeping score at home, this would appear to be some ungodly hybrid of a plunger and a “toilet” brush.

10. Safety first

I cannot fathom how this is working.

9. No words

We’ll have no bones about it.

8. Jeff go boom

You were so busy trying to find out if you could do it that you forgot to ask if you should.

7. Bird is the word

He is clearly trying to think something through, please leave him be.

6. Orange you glad?

The juice is most definitely loose.

5. Absolutely blinding

Honestly I could maybe use something like that.

4. Storage solutions

We’ve found it. We’ve found the single most “Kyle” photo that will ever grace the internet.

3. Magically delicious

I have so many questions and I want none of them answered.

2. Super sword

Um. Why.

1. Be my guest

My companion, my second, my number two, if you will.

I may never poop again.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a bathroom?

Tell us in the comments.