It’s happened to all of us. You’re having a rough time – you’re sad or lonely or drunk or maybe you just watched The Notebook for the fifth time this week and the urge to contact that ex lover of your overwhelms you.

You know it’s not a good idea. You can think of a at least a dozen reasons not to. But they all take a backseat to that infinitely more pressing emotion of longing.

And a few taps later, you’re in business. And immediately regretting it, most of the time.

That’s more or less the story for these folks, anyway.

11. Taking a chance

The ultimately insulting response to pretty much anything.

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10. Woke up crying

You really need to give yourself a little breathing room before you do something like that.

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9. Months of no communication

People are complicated. Give yourself a moment.

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8. He was

It’s not a competition, I tell myself, and yet I still know I’m losing.

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7. Go for a drive

So I’m guessing we’re talking about some pretty young folks here.

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6. Just to argue

Now THAT is a confusing message to send.

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5. Closure

Maybe not the right sort of circumstance in which to seek such a thing.

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4. Find out…

It’s bound to happen sometime.

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3. Happy birthday

Why, what happened next?

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2. Just to keep in touch

Getting left on read is the true modern tragedy.

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1. I was angry

Yeah, you likely dodged a bullet.

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It happens to everybody. Just try not to let it happen constantly.

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