Sometimes it seems like my entire life is just me testing my brain to see if it can keep up with reality. Then I remember that that means that my brain is actually the one testing my brain, and neither of my brains have the answer key so it is very much the blind leading the blind and this was a fruitless endeavor.

It’s probably exactly that kind of nonsensical thinking that leads my neurons to look at each other, shrug, give up, and just start pumping out whatever random data they can muster regardless of its relevance to the situation at hand.

You probably understand. And at the very least, these people on Twitter definitely understand.

11. Drop the mic

Don’t sweat it man, it’s only your worst nightmare.

10. I’ve seen the light

Man, that Jordan Peterson meme is just good everywhere for everything.

9. The training montage

We gotta pump that iron before we move those lips.

8. Lock and check and lock and check

And now you’re wondering about it yourself, aren’t you?

7. Sound test

Is this beat thick or did somebody just break into my house?

6. Take a stab at it

No man knoweth the hour.

5. Three packs a day

Two shirts, two pairs of pants, a swimsuit just in case, and 900 pairs of boxers.

4. Not dumb

And still had the presence of mind to articulate it. Impressive.

3. The practice read

Can’t screw this up and end up in B group.

2. Date of birth?

If I can’t find it I might just fade away like in Back to the Future.

1. The long hall

One more Peterson for good measure.

I hope you found those enjoyable and that you’re not too anxious now. DON’T PANIC!

In what ways has your brain failed you today?

Tell us in the comments.