Welcome, my darklings.

Tonight, we tour the terrors of the internet. The horrors of the online world. We shall pursue the blackest depths of this, our shared cyberspace, and glean from it a suffering exquisite in its rarity.

In other words, we’re gonna all get in a big ol’ mood and look at some dark memes that are weird but, yanno, still funny.


12. Resistance is futile

If the Borg ever did show up we know now that there would be a bunch of people still going to TGIFridays and citing unsourced stats about how few people actually get assimilated.

11. Sad to say

And now that you mention it, it’s gonna be a whole thing.

10. Bad Syndrome

The realm of psychology has well and truly come a very long way.

9. What a trainwreck

Nobody’s gonna choo-choo-choose me at this rate.

8. Thomas had seen enough

Just you wait to hear what the Controller has to say about this.

7. Dead or alive

Once you open it up the waveform collapses and also you’re getting kicked out of this church.

6. Bloody heck

Alright, I’m not even touching this one.

5. Spreading the faith

Isn’t history fun?

4. Counter attack

None of ya’ll can hurt me as bad as I can hurt myself.

3. Playing the hits

Sounds like a screenplay someone is shopping around Hollywood right this minute.

2. The Family Circus

Oh, those rascals!

1. Scream Team

I recommend starting with the void.

That’s enough darkness for now. Should really find a little daylight somewhere…

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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