Man, you’ve come to the right place, because today I’ve got some HOT CELEBRITY GOSS to share with all of you!

Did you know – and you might want to sit down for this – that celebrities are people? Like, they’re just people. Normal humans who poop and listen to podcasts and stuff. Which is a cool thing to remind ourselves of when the sort of celebrity-stalking culture or tendency toward worship or total demonization comes into play.

That said, it’s totally understandable why running into our favorite celebs is exciting. It’s fun! It’s a nice story. And it’s a harmless, warm little moment to share with others, even if those others are internet weirdos.

Speaking of internet weirdos, here are some accounts from Reddit users on their own celebrity encounters in the wild.

12. Brie Larson

Was she coming to see her own movie? I kinda hope she was.

I met Brie Larson working the night shift at my local AMC
byu/sadokistpotato inmarvelstudios

11. Christian Bale

As someone who hates having to talk to people on plane rides, I just realized that I would never be able to deal with fame.

I met this cool guy on a 5 hour plane ride
byu/SpaceGodziIIa inpics

10. Beyonce

And somehow it’s already iconic.

Friend met Beyonce in New Orleans, she said “Whatever face you make, I’ll make.”
byu/MarchMadnessisMe inpics

9. Guy Fieri


I just met the Mayor of Flavortown wearing a Dungeons & Diners & Dragons & Drive-Ins & Dives shirt!!!!
byu/Batmanvader inpics

8. Lou Ferrigno

For those of you too young to remember, he was The Hulk on TV for years.

My brother and I met our favorite super hero (The Hulk) when we were 4. We were pissed off because Lou Ferrigno wasn’t green.
byu/DustyPlumper180 inKidsAreFuckingStupid

7. Lil Pump

I’ve rarely seen a more mismatched pair of humans in one photo and I love it.

On my way to a Boy Scout camp I met Lil Pump he was high as fuck and thought I was in the military
by inpics

6. Chris Evans

Wait, what was he doing out there? Some USO stuff?

Two years ago I met Chris Evans while deployed to Qatar. As we wait for the trailer for (possibly) his last Marvel movie, I want to publicly thank him for everything he’s done for this franchise. Thanks Cap!
byu/ColinMansfield inmarvelstudios

5. Tom Hanks

“Hello, one of the most famous people in the world. Have a banana.”

I met Tom Hanks last night…banana for scale
byu/ASharkToof inpics

4. Jeff Goldblum

She, uh, found a way.

On the nighttrain to Prag i met some reaaally nice people and we had some drinks together
byu/milenskaya inpics

3. Bill Murray

Who you gonna call? (THE WHOLE INTERNET!)

I also recently met a Ghostbuster
byu/jrobinson37 inpics

2. Barack Obama

It’d be cool to meet famous people but if it means I have to golf, no thanks.

I met Obama
byu/Smadja inpics

1. Henry Winkler

You know him from Happy Days, you LOVE him from Arrested Development.

AAAAAAAY! Look who I met at work today.
byu/DopeAssHo inpics

Keep those cameras ready!

Who’s the most famous person you’ve interacted with?

Tell us the tale in the comments.