You know, TV and movies really gave me a pretty inaccurate idea of what college was going to be like. Granted, I went to a pretty unusual University (very small, kinda niche) so maybe if I’d have gone to a more standard, large public place I’d be a) less in debt and b) more in tune with the “normal” kind of university stuff.

In any case, no matter how you spend your college years, it’s probably not too forgettable. And what’s a better way to express an unforgettable memory than with a meme? After all – memes are forever.

Let’s get to the quad, shall we?

12. Study up

When did I even take these? What could they possibly hold for me?

11. The average

Numbers – how do they work?

10. Stuff ’em up

Well you picked a heck of a time to get me involved.

9. U got this

My experience was kinda the opposite…thought it was going to be terrifyingly hard, ended up not that complicated.

8. It’s in the bag

What’s that for? A tic tac?

7. Major problems

This was me picking my college too, tbh.

6. Here comes the sun


5. Be well

You wanna help out with that at all or?

4. No crying in baseball

But there will be in this test.

3. I’m listening

Then later you’re trying to remember if that was in the class or if you dreamed it.

2. Do or do not

There is no try.

1. The project

I swear I worked on this.

Well, I’m exhausted just looking at those. Time for some beers.

What was your college experience like?

Tell us in the comments.