There’s something really special about the 80’s/early 90’s action aesthetic. It’s bleak and grimy and yet oddly friendly and cheesy at the same time. It introduced to the world what film critic Roger Ebert called the “smoke and steam factory” (if I’m remembering right) – a generically industrial setting that doesn’t actually seem to have any specific purpose.

But for all their foibles, some of these movies were downright incredible. And now they must live on – not just in rewatches, but in memes. Let’s look at some now and see how many horrible action hero taglines we can come up with.

15. Three wolf moon

Howl be seeing you soon.

14. At your service

Press one for a butt-kicking.

13. DumDum

That’s right, you can bank on it.

12. Break down

Muy caliente, friendo.

11. The resistance

Looks like I’m gonna have to clean you up.

10. Another round

That was your last shot, punk.

9. The idea man

Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer a nice glass of T?

8. The spin

Put that in your pocket.

7. The horror

When I said sock it to me, I didn’t mean like this.

6. The escape

Do you read me, pal?

5. The shakedown

Enough stalling, time for action.

4. The creep

Never skip eight leg day.

3. Totally drained

Down comes the rain.

2. Dodgeball

Sorry friend, gotta bounce.

1. Ice, ice baby

No more Mr. Ice Guy.

Ok, those lines were all terrible, I should never write anything again.

What’s your favorite hero tagline?

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