Ah, to be a teenager. To be all lanky bones and emotions. When every experience was new, and yet you felt kind of done with all of it. As though we were in a hurry to get jaded, having no idea what was really ahead.

It’s a strange little stretch of life, and, in truth, none of us should be held too heavily accountable for our embarrassing behavior during it.

But that doesn’t mean that well-meaning and frustrated parents can’t vent a little. Especially if they can be clever about it, like these folks on Twitter.

15. Thoughts and prayers

There’s some food for thought.

14. 2 spoopy 4 me

Geeet oooouuuut.

13. Oh where is my hairbrush?

My oh my how the tables have turned…

12. The forbidden zone

Even those without souls dare not tread here.

11. Nothing prepares

Get a battery bank, yo.

10. No-ah

That’s how you speak teen. Just add that extra little gasp to the end of everything.

9. How it started

I’ll never let go.

8. We’re quite a pair

Yeah, boxed.

7. Details, details

Until you have to learn to keep your own calendar, you just don’t think about this stuff.

6. A few months in

Don’t take a picture of me, I’m very busy taking pictures of myself to post.

5. The transformation

Imagine having a funny famous dad and still being like “lame.”

4. The chore chorus

What is it you’re up to, exactly?


3. Absolutely starving

That’s just how it goes. They’re bottomless pits.

2. End game

He’s trying to share his passions. His dumb, nonsense passions.


1. Room service

Oh no they didn’t.

Teens. Can’t live with ’em, can’t legally kick them out of the house.

What were you like as a teenager?

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