Are you looking for a way to pass the time? Sitting on the bus, maybe, or in a waiting room?

Or, more realistically, are you supposed to be working right now and you’re on the clock but you just want the clock to go faster? No worries. We won’t tell on you. We literally can’t. We don’t even know who you are, Kevin. Unless your name happens to be Kevin, in which case you’re probably pretty freaked out right now. But that’s just a coincidence based on a random common name we chose.

Or is it


In any case, enjoy these tweets that should help you pass the time.

10. Morning, noon, and night

There’s also midnight, but yeah, why should 12’s get all the love and leave the rest behind?

9. Kudos to David

Yeah, I know that feeling.

8. Zoom zoom zoom

Finally, the hearing impaired can really get the full experience.

7. You can fly!

This is what happens when the gym teacher is put in charge of stunt work nobody at the school understands.

6. Gettin’ faded

Are y’all in a car from the future or what?

5. A frog’s life

Just let it all wash over me. Let the river flow.

4. Unsolved mysteries

I actually remember when someone said “they just open a big door and drive it in here.”
My mind was blown. You’re allowed to do that?

3. Vandalism

It’s a newer kind of history, but it’s history all the same.

2. Talk to me

I do it all day every day and I don’t care at all anymore.
Listen in if you want, this conversation isn’t going anywhere.

1. Spam fun

Go get ’em.

Look at all the time that’s passed! For increased effect, go back and scroll through again.

What’s your favorite way to pass the time?

Tell us in the comments.