We all know that meme culture is filled to the brim with cynicism and depressive irony (to the point where it can even give problematic cover to those who love to spread toxic ideas) but we don’t need to dwell in that world forever.

There’s a lighter side to memes. A nicer side. A more wholesome side. And that’s the side we’re going to spend a little time exploring today.

15. Handsome young man

Thanks, that oughta get me through for the next little while.

14. Do you like me?

Ok, but do you though?

13. That sweet scent

That’s what it’s all about.

12. Teachers are heroes

Though I’m very unsure what’s happening in this picture.

11. A new core memory

Those really are the best little moments.

10. A better history

I’d gladly be doomed to repeat this.

9. Noted

Dropping hints, are we?

8. Let’s get this bread

Ya can’t half your sandwich and eat it too.

7. Five out of five

He needs that money more than I needed this pizza.

6. Unconditional love

I, too, would like to be a water hippo.

5. One true love

Perfect. Well done.

4. So sweet

This is me when I see a dog in any context, honestly.

3. The chosen one

Now make with the scraps.

2. Raise the roof

It’s a wonderland of ancient fun!

1. The flowers

Safety first, friends.

Wholesome. A. F.

What’s something wholesome that’s happened for you recently?

Tell us in the comments.