Spring has sprung, whatever that means!

Some of us are super excited about it. To experience the sort of thaw that comes with that long-awaited departure from the bitter winter, to be met with fresh air and the promise of a new beginning – to be reinvigorated and reminded that life is for the living. To know that we should make like a tree and bloom.

And also to just sneeze ourselves into a coma because allergies are the worst and how in the heck have humans even survived for so long on this planet?

In any case, here are some memes about it.

12. Water you doing

I see what you did there.

11. It’s a trap

Watch out, he’s gonna get the jump on ya.

10. A clean sweep

I made no progress, but at least I found this cool old calculator!

9. The best medicine

I am impervious to your drugs, foolish human.

8. Sneeze together

It’s nice to be able to avoid all the same stuff. As a couple.

7. All that I do…

…is not enough for you!

6. Puddle trouble

April showers bring just all kinds of nonsense.

5. Degrees of separation

It’s all a matter of perspective.

4. Pain pain, go away

It’s almost like I can live on this planet for a while.

3. The sting

Well, that absolutely sucks.

2. Come on out

We ain’t got time for these games, the unbearable heat will be here any minute.

1. I see a light

And it is so, so welcome.

Now get out there and enjoy some spring!

What’s your favorite season and why?

Tell us in the comments.