The modern trend of exploding popularity in true crime media may seem confusing at first. I mean honestly, who wants to hear about a bunch of grisly murders for fun?

But if you think about it, the answer to that question is: most of us. For kind of a long time.

Before we had Serial and its many imitations, we had Dateline and Unsolved Mysteries and other quasi-journalistic primetime crime entertainment.

Not to mention the fact that violent crime has always been sensationalized to sell papers and keep viewers glued to their TVs, and even outside the realm of the “real” stuff, murder mystery stories have been a staple of novels for as long as we’ve had novels (longer than that, actually.)

So I guess we just need to face the facts that, somehow, for some reason, we just love hearing about murder. So much that we make memes about it.

12. Amatuer hour

If it were me I’d really know how to get the job done.

11. Missing the point

Come on! How can everyone but me be so blind!

10. The sound of murder

It’s my jam. It’s my vibe.

9. Perp up

I know how this goes, there will be at least two more misleads before we land on the real guy.


Video filters have done wonders for the dramatic crime industry.

7. Just hangin’ out

Parasocial relationships at their absolute weirdest.

6. Look out

This is how you turn into that kook on your block who’s calling the cops every two days.


Honestly, I don’t think I could ever get tired of this meme format.

4. Frustration

Come on, we need our stories.

3. Patience is a virtue

Time is relative, what can I say.

2. Get the picture

Gotta have a solid image in my head so this will work.

1. Watch out

It’s all about the couch, baby.

Well, the case of where all the good memes are at is officially solved.

What’s your favorite true crime fix?

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