You ready to do the twist? And I’m not talkin’ about a dance from the 50’s. That’s the first big twist. And if you like that, there are so many more.

Because these memes are going to twist your mind. They will surprise you. They will transport you. They will do a third thing, because good lists always have third things.

Let us embark on this journey together now.

15. Dead serious

Trying to imagine the new scenarios this technology might provide us is really mind-blowing.

14. Hi dad

Dad is here to support you, he doesn’t care what form that takes.

13. The big takeover

Y’all cannot possibly mess it up any worse than we already have.

12. Mother of God…

When the dad insult game is too good for its own good.

11. You’re welcome

The greatest heroes of our species will sadly go unsung.

10. Captain PR?

It’s almost like those flag elements are actually super common and pop up all over the world.

9. Gotta hand it to ya

If you haven’t tried this, you’re a square.

8. Laugh it up, fuzzball

“Hey can we stop at McDonalds? Mom? Moooom?”

7. A different breed

I don’t remember my Bible lessons super well but I don’t think this is gonna work out.

6. Outsmarting the storm

There’s a market for everything and you can corner it of you have no morals.

5. Have a nice trip

Finally, I can eat my bloomin’ onion in peace.

4. He scream

Look kid, none of us want to be on here, can’t you just get drunk like the rest of us?

3. Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Somebody’s gotta be the moral backbone of this place.

2. Please and thank you

Well at least he’s very polite.

1. Good ol’ Rodney

I get no respect, no respect at all.

What twists and turns have we here.

What’s your favorite joke?

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