Someone mentioned something about a “side chick” the other day and I had a moment where I realized how much less elegant that sounded than the more traditional moniker of “the other woman.”

Then I realized how weird it was that I was thinking of terms of affairs as in any way elegant or classy. I mean, they’re just affairs. They’re not cool. They wreck people’s lives.

Nonetheless, we’re only human, and we find ourselves caught up in them all too often. Here’s a little bit of what that’s like.

12. Their baby

To be on the outside looking in.

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11. To date again

Personally I don’t believe in karma. Just let yourself improve and move forward, I say.

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10. Playing the part

What are you gonna do when it all comes to a head?

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9. Share and share alike

This guy sounds like a real gem.

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8. Stay with me

Ah yes, the beginning of a very stable and cool dynamic.

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7. Dead on arrival

Oh what tangled webs we weave.

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6. Home wrecker

But when you fell, what did you land on?

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5. Can’t stop won’t stop

Our baser feelings override our higher thinking.

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4. Kills me

What do you even do with something like that?

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3. What a twist

Oh fireworks are gonna blow eventually.

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2. So deserving

So is this guy just like an amazing cook then or what?

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1. Doing my part

A classic justification.

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I guess the moral of the story is just: don’t be the “other” person. It’s way too messy.

Have you had an experience like this?

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