Who hasn’t been tired? If you said “me” you are a god d*mned robot. How can you not ever get tired? Liar.

For the rest of us non-liars, we can certainly get slap happy when we need our ZZZs, and sometimes we end up doing some hilariously embarrassing.

So today we’re bringing you 12 people who did the same so we can laugh and relate with them.


12. The nose knows

I hope you were listening to “Breathe.”

Image Credit: Whisper

11. Back in the tube

Had you been saying a bunch of naughty words prior to that?

Image Credit: Whisper

10. The naked truth

Eh, it’ll all come out in the wash.

Image Credit: Whisper

9. Happy birthday to me!

Soon you’ll be googling your name to remember who you even are.

Image Credit: Whisper

8. Face the facts

Maybe you should put the phone aside and just go to sleep?

Image Credit: Whisper

7. It’s a sign

You need to get off the road ASAP, that crap is dangerous.

Image Credit: Whisper

6. Just chipping in

And you claim I don’t do any chores around here.

Image Credit: Whisper

5. Proper signage

Is that like flipping someone the hummingbird?

Image Credit: Whisper

4. Going my way?

It was the most appreciated that moving room had felt in months.

Image Credit: Whisper

3. That rocks

This is just like a normal Tuesday for me.

Image Credit: Whisper

2. Ice, ice, baby

Well, you can never be too careful, I guess.

Image Credit: Whisper

1. The secret code

Enjoy your pizza and have a nap.

Image Credit: Whisper

Alright, I’m going to bed. Need to get rested to write about more secrets tomorrow.

You got any of these “I’m so tired, it’s hilarious” secrets to share?

Let me know in the comments!