I’ve been working on trying to crack the code of how to make popular things on the internet.

Honestly, I think I’m really close to having everything I need. The only things left to acquire are talent, an idea, a unique perspective, engaging delivery, and the lucky timing to hit maximal cultural impact.

But what I DO have already is the keyboard. So. Well on my way.

In the meantime, let’s just look at some other peoples’ funny tweets because that’s easier.

12. Tuba guy

I never knew the apocalypse would look this stupid.

11. I’m all ears

When you just gotta hold onto for your life.

10. This just in

How many creative ways can you announce we’re having pizza for lunch again?

9. Zoom etiquette

Super simple stuff.


8. Humpty dumpty

Maybe he’d be alright if he hadn’t relied on a bunch of horses for his medical care.

7. Absolutely unhinged

But most days you just sort of drift around in a malaise unsure of your place in the universe. 10/10.

6. Girl, bye

Really glad I took all those years of Spanish just to forget them all.

5. I’m on board

Thanks for the warning, but this is happening.


4. Lose/lose situations

Me, responding to the email two months later “Hey, sorry this got lost…”


3. Help

Oh shush, kid.

2. Time to grind

Down where it’s wetter, down where it’s better, take it from me.

1. How daft

I’m just coming to some important realizations right now.

If I can just learn how to emulate those tweets, I’ll be rich in internet fame in no time.

Who are your favorite internet people?

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