If ya think about it, what does virginity really mean, and why do we make such a huge deal out of it?

On the most basic level it’s a term to demarcate the time before you first had sex and after, but sex is a pretty normal part of life for most people. We don’t have a glossary of terms and labels for people who have or have not yet done other ordinary things, like ride a bike or swim in a pool or watch Die Hard.

Virginity is different though, at least in our heads, which is why some people would really rather hold onto the label.

13. Third time’s the charm

*Shrugs* you do you, I guess.

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12. What’s old is new again

It’s about how it strikes ya.

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11. What’s up with that?

Sounds like you’ve got a few hangups you need to explore.

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10. I want it

This sort of pressure makes me feel sad for people.

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9. Religious experience

Empowering act of faith or damaging artifact of cultural stigma?

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8. Against my will

I think that’s completely understandable.

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7. Take me back

I’d like to call a do-over, please.

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6. Reset the clock

Not sure that’s how time works but whatever.

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5. Revirginizing

That’s fine, but why does the wording even matter at this point?

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4. Crank it up

Gonna need a little more.

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3. True love waits

It’s everyone’s personal choice.

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2. New again

That’s an incredible gift.

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1. Real sex

Intimate, respectful, and loving.

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At the end of the day, call yourself what you want. It’s all a construct anyway.

Do you consider yourself a virgin? Why or why not?

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