I’m not sure where the term “ring true” first originated. I’m guessing it had something to do with bells, they were pretty much used for everything back in the day right? Were bells used as lie detectors? Or maybe it’s just one of those terms that Shakespeare made up when he ran out of the nine quintillion phrases English already had. That guy. It’s always something with him.

Wherever “ring true” came form, it really rings true. Just like these tweets do.

13. A wide man once told me…

You know there’s an edit button, right dad?

12. Logging off

Good for them. They got out. They escaped.


11. Take a hike

No shade but I kinda hate it when super thin and fit people make these jokes? It’s not fair to the rest of us?


10. Reverse, reverse!

Justice is truly served.


9. Queen Anne

She really hath a way with things.

8. A little treat

You gotta treat yourself before you beat yourself.


7. Ill-fitting

I don’t think this particularly suits me…or anyone.

6. Call of the wild

We worked so hard to get out of there, now we want back in.

5. Wrapping things up

It really is a nice little way to put a button on things.

4. So funny

Prepare yourself, you’re never going to recover from this.

3. Too dark

I need to reposition my screen thanks to you.

2. Those summer vibes

*Dances with dread in my heart*

1. One trip to rule them all

Only quitters walk back.

Yep. Truest rings I ever did hear.

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