I need you to prepare yourself. Because I’m fairly certain the the images in this thread are haunted, cursed, or a third word that means basically one of those things.

These pictures are the kind of thing that make you wish you could just turn the internet off. Because without the internet, these images would have stayed in whatever weird corner they came from and never show up at our good Christian door.

But it’s too late. You clicked the link, your curiosity is overwhelming, and now you’re going to see what can’t be unseen. You’ve been warned. Thanks, Reddit.

14. The snow devil

“Remember me, Frosty? When I killed your brother I talked just. LIKE. THIS!”

Snow devil
byu/TAS8008 inATBGE

13. A small jump

Never been a better bit of safety information given.

This elevator
byu/She_a_trap inWTF

12. Flick the light

I see what you did there. Because the light is on now.

byu/catharsis_owl inATBGE

11. King without a crown

What the heck kind of room is this in? The land of forgotten everything?

Wasn’t trashy enough for r/trashy apparently
byu/pregnantbaby inATBGE

10. I spy

I’d never drink tea every again for as long as I lived.

There’s a spider in my tea..
byu/TheDirtySherpa inWellthatsucks

9. Pandio

It’s less the concept and more the eyes. The eyes are haunting.

I think this piano belongs here
byu/jonsiandsatomi inATBGE

8. Carpet bombing

“This is so comfy! Why doesn’t everyone do this?!”
*1 bath later*
“Oh, right.”

This bathroom covered in carpet
byu/ShitStainedBallSack inATBGE

7. Skinby

I need this to stay all the way away from me at all times.

This Furby or “Skinby”
byu/fr0st- inATBGE

6. Gotta go fast

What am I even looking at.

Maybe best for baskets…or smaller?
by inATBGE

5. What a croc

This might be the first time I’ve had a nightmare while awake.

Croco Candy Doll
byu/CripySatyr16 inATBGE

4. Duck rock

It’s…it’s the fact that they’re ducklings that makes this so unbearable.

Just… why
byu/sunesense inATBGE

3. Skullduggery

How to ensure guests never stay long.

I think this makes it a skullery
byu/FloppyKong inATBGE

2. Red leather, yellow leather

You don’t wanna go tow to tow with this guy.

Leather shoes
byu/teorosso inATBGE

1. The style

This is the least egregious on the list. Still weird.

byu/possibleshitpost inATBGE

Sorry. No refunds.

If you were forced to pick one of those things to have as your own, which one would it be?

Tell us in the comments.